Schedule and manage eLearning sessions and enrollments

eLearning software solution as a part of QEdge, is an excellent enterprise tool for learning management and continuous learning across the organization. The content for elearning can be organized for multiple location, multiple department organization and access rights can be controlled and managed based on department and organization.

eLearning management solution is also backed with ability to assess the recipient with randomly generated quick from a larger question bank. The quiz can also be intelligently designed from multiple eLearning modules and questions are randomly picked up so two people taking assessment quiz at the same time, or the same person taking repeat quiz, get different set of questions.

The solution allows user to manage training modules in various formats and version them. Certain type of eLearning materials are like PDFs are protected against the downloads.

Key Benefits

  • Manage the training details by Employee, Location and Department
  • Assign required training by individual or group as per job code
  • Schedule and assign training modules
  • Auto-scheduling the training based on location and department
  • Automatically send notification and reminder as trainee has been assigned to training
  • Gap analysis of pending and completed trainings for all trainees can be generated as per job code
  • Reports of assessment can be generated for trainees as per organizational requirements
  • Generate the reports of pending and completed trainings for all employees
  • Send automated alerts to employees required to complete quiz
  • Track quiz results based on marks obtained
  • Facility to reattempt the test who fail to get the score according to set criteria of passing the test
  • Export data and reports to various formats
  • Generate the electronic certificates for whom successfully completed the training and track the records of generated electronic certificates