For better access and document control

QEdge document control also provides release of various controlled forms used in enterprise and manufacturing environments.

In manufacturing shop floor environment as well as certain types of laboratory environment, certain processes can’t be converted into full electronic process and forms related to those processes needs to be physical forms. However the complete records of such forms release needs to be maintained and tracked under GxP environment. QEdge document control provides you an efficient way to manage such controlled copy release.

A controlled mechanism for document release prevent unauthorized access or usage of the document. QEdge equipped with advanced features like procedures for approval and signing, search tools for easy traceability.

Key Benefits

  • Helps organization to maintain full document control cycle from creation, issuance to archival
  • Better process control through pre-defined access rights, version control, notification, approval and workflows
  • Easy tracking through effective search ability
  • Fully compliant with regulatory requirements