Easy to plan, register and follow-up trainings

Training management software is one of the essential elements of contemporary enterprise software solutions. With dynamic business environment and ever changing skill requirements, it becomes essential to improve employee productivity by empowering people using state-of-the-art training modules.

Training management software also helps when organization has higher employee turnover. It helps in establishing the business continuity in operations without losing much knowledge and time. With the help of such training management software, the training managers just needs to focus more on contents of training and result of training methodologies, rather than struggling for scheduling, management, planning and record keeping.

QEdge, training module also helps to identify training needs based on job functions, skills and knowledge require to perform specific job efficiently. It keeps track of employee performance against the job function requirements based on quantitative results of quiz and qualitative assessment of his line managers.

Key Benefits

  • Assign required training by individual or group as per job code
  • Schedule and manage classroom training, web based training, self-training and practical training
  • Auto-scheduling the training based on location and department
  • Manage internal/external trainers and event handlers for a single training
  • Track attendance for employee participation and assessment report
  • Automatically send notification and reminder as trainee has been assigned to training
  • Gap analysis of pending and completed trainings for all trainees can be generated as per job code
  • Reports of assessment can be generated for trainees as per organizational requirements
  • Generate the reports of pending and completed trainings for all employees