IT SOP and processes are extremely important from organization perspective as most of the businesses are now heavily dependent on IT and allied services.

IT SOP and Processes related to those can be very easily configured and implemented using QEdge, to make sure that the implementation is paperless and effective. The cost of non-compliance for any IT SOP is very high. From risk management perspective, IT SOP and process implementation and monitoring are absolutely crucial for business continuity.

Here is the list of IT SOP and processes required for all industry verticals. Depending upon the type of industry, more IT SOPs would be required.

  • User access control and security
  • Data recovery and back ups
  • Disaster recovery
  • IT asset management
QEdge Quality Processes is a QMS which…
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant software with user access management and full audit trail
  • Web based, multi-browser compatible software solution which can be configured locally to site or deployed as an enterprise, multi-site quality management solution
  • User friendly solution which improves both effectiveness efficiency
  • Role based accessibility system to ensure easy maintenance
  • Easy configurable solution and can be managed by process owner