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Companies in today’s competitive market are focusing more on customer service to excel against their competitors and get advantage in retaining and acquiring new customers. This makes it very necessary for the organisation to have a robust issue tracking or complaint handling system which avoids any delays in serving the customer.

Addressing to this, QEdge offers an efficient solution to handle the issues arising from customers as well as internal issues. QEdge can automate the issue handling system by managing the complete lifecycle of issue starting from raising, assigning, resolving and closing of the same.

Key Benefits

  • Avoid the delays in serving the customer issues/complaints, as process will be streamlined & documented
  • Improves efficiency and reduce operational costs of managing customer complaints
  • Interdepartmental and Intradepartmental transparency at operational level is greatly improved
  • Offers controlled environment without sacrificing flexibility
  • Improve response time which in-turn helps to improve corporate image
  • Improves efficiency and reduce operational costs of managing change control implementation activity
  • Web based system and can be accessed across sites without individual installations
  • Custom reports and dashboard for the management to track the efficiency of the system