Accurate calibration management with historical trending

Calibration is a key activity in a regulatory environment to manage calibration operation and associated data. Every manufacturing company has some unique set of procedures or methods to manage calibration activities for various equipment and instruments.

With Qedge, It is configurable checkpoint, set rules and documentation can be set to perform the operation in easy and effective manner. The configurable workflow helps to map the process and tracking of work flow status. The inbuilt search functionality helps to know what measurements were recorded during previous calibraion measurement. Qedge is fully cpmpliant to various quality and regulatory standards and involve authentication at each user levels.

Key Benefits

  • Audit trail for user activities including justification of record changes
  • Custom reports from various configurable fields including calibration due records
  • Calibration worksheets for details of measurement
  • Auto alerts and notification to responsible persons for due calibrations
  • User defined measurement templates which can be easily created, edited and managed
  • User privilege and security access as per the defined roles in hierarchy
  • Better control and easy identification of historical trends
  • Easy tracking of instrument’s calibration procedure