Better analysis to optimize Maintenance schedule

Best way to manage machine maintenance activities and effectively connects the maintenance professional with their operations. Qedge helps to make better decisions about how and when the preventive maintenance needs to be performed. For every maintenance request, work order is essential to perform the activity. Our work order solution provides easy creation and filling of work order on real time basis.

Qedge provides easy planning, organizing and management of preventive maintenance work including master plan, scheduling of work order generation, etc.

Key Benefits

  • In- built preventive maintenance schedule with easy management
  • Options to choose frequencies from a wide variety of available options
  • Auto assignments and procedures based on workflow
  • Alerts and notifications for all the due Preventive Maintenance (PM)
  • Work order details can be viewed in one glance
  • Quick assigning of work order to involve technicians
  • Easy tracking and updation of work order status
  • Compliance reports for management purpose with easy scheduling facility ate requisite frequency