To meet transparency at operational level

In current scenario every company is dependent on information systems hence it is very necessary for the companies to manage the employees who are using the information systems and assets. Also it is challenging for an organization to have the complete knowledge of assigned IT assets provided to the employees. It is very difficult to keep the manual data of resources and access rights assigned to the employees as per IT SOP for Access control.

There is a need for robust system which keeps the data in organised manner for Access control.

The act of accessing may mean consuming, entering, or using information. Permission to access a resource is called authorization.
QEdge is excellent for implementation of IT SOP for Access control which helps you to maintain the data of access rights and assigned IT assets to new recruits and existing employees of an organisation.

Key Benefits

  • When new employee joins or any changes required by existing employee of the organization, IT SOP for Access control implemented in QEdge helps to process the necessary joining formalities very smoothly. i.e. Allocation of IT assets and access rights
  • Manage the approval process for providing IT SOP for Access Control and IT Assets
  • Hierarchy based access rights assigned between higher authorities and the subordinates
  • In QEdge, IT access control implementation, there are unlimited options available for IT assets & Access rights resources
  • As process will be systematic, there will be a huge reduction in delay of processes with huge time saving
  • Central database provides full control and traceability from regulatory perspective
  • Improves efficiency and reduce time