Share and manage training data across the com pany

Training records management software module of QEdge is designed to adopt systematic approach towards one of the most important parameter for business continuity and organizational growth – that is training. It helps in keeping electronic training records in secured and easily retrievable way.

System allows to define key responsibility areas for each employee or a group of employees. System also allows to create training modules and upload training documents and contents for training module. System tracks training requirements and training records for each employee and generate an alert of training gap, as may be the case.

Such key responsibility area can be covered using one or more SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and/or work instructions. One can also define skill, knowledge requirements for each employee or group of employees and tracks training progress against the same.

Training records management software is particularly useful for compliance in regulated markets especially in pharmaceuticals, bio-technology and healthcare. Each time an SOP or Work Instruction is revised it automatically identifies which are end consumers and alerts them as well as their training managers. When repeat training is required such as GxP training for Pharmaceuticals and healthcare segment, again an alert is generated for training to be conducted. As per the requirements of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industry, the software is compliant to regulations including GMP, FDA 21 CFR part 11 and EMEA.

The usage of Training records management Software can also be extended to cover complete records of employee – including important information of CV and JD (Job Description) so as to make a complete dossier of employee. Each certificate of training, and complete training records are electronically captured and added to dossier as soon as training is done.

Training records management software allows to prepare quiz against each training module and evaluate the performance.

Key Benefits

  • Manage the training details by Employee, Location and Department
  • Manage CV, JD and Training records of employees online
  • Manage any no. of SOPs & Training documents and questions for quiz
  • Automatically update the version of SOPs
  • Also maintain the records about the revision of SOPs on the basis of effective end date
  • Manage internal/external trainers and event handlers for a single training
  • Automatically send notification and reminder for training gap
  • Generate the reports of pending and completed trainings for all employees
  • Generate the electronic certificates for those who successfully completed the training and track the records of generated electronic certificates
  • Keep records of all type of training – self training, practical training and class rooms training
  • Extension available on android tablets