Catalyze quality with effectivness

QEdge which is developed by Sarjen, is web based fully dynamic and electronic quality management system. With 18+ years of experience in development of software solutions and 10+ years in development of regulatory solutions, what Sarjen’s belief is all round CORE QUALITY & not just a visual delight!

QEdge accommodates pharmaceutical and biotech industries in a dead set and disciplinary regulatory environment to make QMS more robust and well managed by bringing all the quality documents like market complaints, investigation, CAPA, deviation, risk assessment, change control and many more on single platform.

QEdge has the functionality that after adaptation of the software by companies, it allows them to configure the software and use on current business policies and quality processes.

Key Benefits
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant software with field level audit trail
  • Search record based on field value
  • Search record based on attached document content
  • Workflow based emails for each process record
  • User defined listing reports for each process
  • Scheduled Auto e-mails of process listings to specified users
  • Overall status dashboard for each process
  • Real status of each record on the go
  • Role and scope based system

Electronic signature and electronic records leads to better regulatory compliance in comparison to manual approach.

The reporting capabilities helps to trace information based on individual fields values for audit purpose. Scheduled reports can be sent through e-mail to top representatives across the organization.