Document Management System (DMS) at a Glance

A Document Management System (DMS) is a system used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. Most can keep a record of the various versions created and modified by different users.

QEdge DMS at a Glance

QEdge DMS provides the features and functions needed to securely and efficiently manage all regulated document through the entire document lifecycle.

QEdge DMS is designed specifically for the management of all regulated document.

QEdge DMS may available as an independent solution or can be integrated with other solutions like eQMS (Enterprise Quality Management System) and TMS (Training Management System), thereby providing seamless visibility into the entire regulatory document management lifecycle.

Search Functionality: System search feature allow users to easily search documents based on the input criteria given by the user.

Audit Trails: Complete traceability of who did what to a document.

Role-Based User Permissions: Manage security and access rights based on flexible user roles. Only users with proper access can edit/view files in the system.

Check-In/Check-Out and Document Lockdown: Check-in/check-out and locking to coordinate the simultaneous editing of a document so one person’s changes don’t overwrite another’s.

Automated/Collaborative Workflow: Manage documents throughout their lifecycle – creation, review, approval, distribution and archival with automated version control.
With workflow management, business process can be automated.

Document Templates: Predefined document templates to standardize Organization’s information.

Version Control: Document Revision and its history management.
When a new revision of a document becomes effective, access to the prior revision will be cut off and only the current revision will be available to the User.

Alerts and Notification/Task reminders: Notification on document update, prior to document revision Date, prior to document expiration date.

Document Publish: Easy Word to PDF conversion while Publish the document.

Watermarking: Watermark for different status of PDF i.e. Obsolete, Superseded, controlled, uncontrolled.

Secure Trash: User can prevent loss of document by accidental or intentional deletion of documents. All deleted documents are moved to a secure trash folder and recovered at any movement.

Useful Integrations: Easily Integrated with Other Solution i.e. QMS (Quality Management System), TMS (Training Management System).