Qedge Training Management System (TMS) is web-based system that organizes and manages organization trainings. It supports management of classroom training, uploading of different SOP’s, Modules, GMP data, Class attendance and resource management.

Benefits of Qedge Training Management System (TMS)

  • The Training Management System not only helps organizations comply with mandatory trainings but also helps in increasing the efficiency of the workforce and achieving excellence in product quality
  • Real-time analytics is available to track course performance, aiming at bettering the performance of individuals and groups in organization
  • Notifications and reminders to trainers & trainees when new courses assign to trainees, when changes in training materials
  • Gap analysis report of pending and completed trainings for all trainees can be generated based on assign trainings as per job descriptions, which also ease the audit process
  • Assessments for courses can be conducted with the help of quiz and tests with randomized questions. Records of these evaluations are available always in the system for audit purposes
  • Apart from maintaining compliance, a Training Management System (TMS) based solution can prove to be extremely efficient to deal with the training requirements of the industry
  • Training can be uploaded which is taken outside the system and report can be fetched as and when required
  • Easy integration with SAP and other ERP System
  • Attendance of employees can be easily marked with the help of biometric machine after taking trainings
  • Yearly training calendar helps users to plan training for entire year on weekly basis and schedule training accordingly