switch to a Doc Control

Where businesses become more important and job become hectic while manage all types of documents to create, transform and store huge numbers of documents in safe storage cell. These documents are often saved randomly on laptops, servers, the cloud, and other storage devices.

So, what happens when you can’t find a file you need for your next meeting or auditing authorities that will either starts in the next few minutes or few hours? you always wasted precious time for searching of document on your computer or in the paper filing cabinet/cell? Browsing through hundreds of folders, searching in your disorganized email inbox or spreadsheet, searching through your cloud files and not being able to find that one important document!

As discussed above too many reasons to think about if you are considering implementing a doc control solution for your practice. Doc Control system makes the management of electronic files and documents easier, faster and efficient with bundles of wow! Controlled functionalities delivered to the achieve top rated quality and compliance.

What is a doc control system?

Where you can allow to create, store, manage, file, protect, versioning, search, distributed, retrieve and destroyed of your whole organization documents in way of digital system.

Doc Control system solution can help an organization to centralize and make accessible, all of its files and data from one place, keeping track of all of the documents, speeding up workflow, improving accuracy and providing access to documents any time, from any place and on any device. So, by choosing our Doc Control system, employees with a solution that empowers them to more work efficiently, effectively  and transparently.

Sarjen System QEdge Doc Control system mange all types of documents for all kind of business processes. Moreover, such healthcare, pharmaceuticals, bio-pharmaceuticals and life science Doc Control mechanism are ready to available use, such as Standard operating procedure, Work instructions, various types of validation protocols, reports and many more with below projection:

Switch to digital platform and becoming Paperless:
If your company still uses paper documents, switching to a Doc Control system can help reduce the amount of paper used and wasted also save money in the form of additional costs of printing, storing, maintenance and filing. Going paperless can save you money but also benefits the environment too! Everyone should be helping the environment these days! 

Doc controlling at one place with seamless integration:
Our enterprise wide system allow a various user from organization from different department used them laptop or computer to manage entire documents at one place to track of traverse transactions of workflow according to business need and no need to store junky data in your individual devices, with simply deploy our Doc Control solution as server base or cloud base on Microsoft azure provides  secure and transparent information across an organization. It has intra integrate capabilities such as quality processes and training management system wisely and integrate with other external software, ERP, MES, LIMS, etc…

Safe and Secure:
When important and quality aspect quality documents need to be kept safe and secure, and easily accessible, the best way is to store them in a robust controlled mechanism. A central location in the even server or cloud to save your documents with follow up backed up and restoration policy. You can also set up operation based on required user access management. Add on compliance features with 21 CFR part11 and EU annex 11 including limited access control, field auditing and full system access log as well.

Improve overall Office Efficiency & Better Accuracy:
If any employees do spend a huge amount of time for generating or revision any document put lots of effort to complies with on existing manual procedure across organization, just think what this is costing the business. The task takes resources away from doing a job that makes the business money. Doc Control system can improve efficiency and its controlled designing tool maintain better accuracy and never missing deadline for approval cycle for achieving quality.

Reduced Storage & Supply Costs:
Without a Doc Control system, imagine in to account the cost of paper, printing, office space, storage facilities, also let think manually people to manage all this paper records, the cost of document creation and management of these documents can be very high.

Our QEdge solution Doc Control system can help you securely manage your documents so that you don’t have to worry. It is an easy-to-use system developed to meet any business’ specific with compliance. Our software is very versatile and can be adapted to work with any type of business. We are already experts within pharmaceuticals, bio-pharmaceuticals, Research organization, laboratory and packaging business domain.

“QEdge Doc Control” the most complete solution for paper reduction and whole organization switch on digital platform. It is comprehensive in terms of functionality for document versioning, email notification, direct record upload or o365 record generation, accurate data capture, search, distribution, retrieval, destruction, streamlined workflow, user management, and client response on support. From any time, any place and from any device.

At last Doc Control system really help to your employees and organization to reduce the amount of time these spend for documents and let them focus on the things that really matter and offer a more quality effective contribution to your business’s success time of regulatory inspection too.