Training & Learning Management System

Training itself is a bigger tool to improve quality and operational efficiency which ultimately ensure the industry standards. It is Important to identify needs of job specific training to perform tasks with utmost care and commitment. In healthcare or pharmaceutical industry, effective training programs always impart responsibility in all employees to meet the compliance, consumer safety, product quality and their own development.

If one reviewed quality system data, they can identify trend that 70 to 80% human errors may result in non-compliance or deviation. It reduces productivity and leads to waste in terms of time, money and material of the organization.

Untrained employees are prone to injuries due to lack the knowledge and skills which are required to use equipment, heavy duty machinery, hazardous material and supplies safely. Even personnel cannot take right decision at right time and do not know how to react in an event.

With fast pace of technology, it is not enough to have established procedures, protocols and GxP modules at work place, but, there should be an advanced training solution which ensures that training and learning is engaging and effective. It will encourage employees to bring their campaign ideas to the table. Employee/s who receive effective training will have more confidence towards their job responsibility and this confidence will help to perform their tasks more efficiently. Tasks or activities which are performed more efficiently will help to increase productivity and quality standards, which in turn would help to improve company turnover.


Ask few questions to oneself:

  • Did I get my job specific training?
  • Does it help me at my workplace?
  • Did I attend effective training class today?
  • Am I learning in the best way?
  • Did I understand the contents of training topic?
  • Does training help me to improve my skills and confidence?
  • Am I satisfied with the training program?
  • Do I need to do better to understand my responsibilities?


There is One answer to all these questions and more… QEdge Training and Learning management software solution.

This answer will help in…

  • Defining job responsibility
  • Identifying Training needs
  • Skills gap analysis
  • Tracking employee progress report
  • Annual training planner for individuals
  • Scheduling training relevant to the work or responsibilities of the individual
  • Can choose from…Either of the different type of trainings available, i.e., Online Training, Classroom training (LED training), On-the-job training (Practical training), Contractors training
  • Training evaluation and retraining/reschedule in case of unsatisfactory evaluation
  • Generate Employee training certificate

An investment in employees’ skill sets is an investment in the company.